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OHMS PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)
Application Information

Thank you for your interest in serving Oquirrh Hills Middle School as a representative for the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). The PTSA meets during the 2nd period TA class, plans activities for the school year, and provides service for the school and community.

Important to note: PTSA will occasionally miss other classes. Students will be responsible for making up any work in those classes. In addition, students may need to meet outside of school hours (for example, meeting before school to prepare for activities, ushering after school events, etc.). Attendance is required. Please consider transportation options for these meetings.

Each applicant will need to be aware of the following criteria:
1. You must maintain a GPA of 3.0 while in office.
2. You must maintain good citizenship; no N's or U's on your report card.

Students who do not maintain these standards for one quarter will be placed on probation. Probation means that the student may remain in the PTSA’s TA class, but will participate in activities behind the scenes. For example, students on probation may not be on announcements or in assemblies. If this standard is not maintained for two quarters of the year, (not necessarily consecutive quarters) the student will be removed from office.

Suspension Clause: Any student who is suspended as a result of school rules infraction will be placed on probation for one quarter. Any student who is suspended to a District Hearing for a safe school violation will be removed from office.

Application Information:
Interested students will need to turn in a complete parent permission form by Thursday, May 2, 2013. This needs to be signed by a parent or the student will not be eligible for the 2013-2014 school year.

This year, PTSA recommendation forms will be electronic. Ask Ms. Von Der Lohe to email you the link to the evaluation form. Send an email to each of your current teachers and politely ask them to fill out the evaluation form online on or before Thursday, May 2. If you have the same teacher for more than one period, that score will be doubled. It is the candidate's responsibility to follow up with each teacher and make sure the teacher has submitted the form. Students may not complete their own forms.

The scores from step 2 will be calculated, and the ten highest ranked students from each grade will continue to the Interview Round.

3. INTERVIEW (for applicants with the highest Teacher Recommendation scores)
Students who make it to this round must attend an interview during TA, May 6th – 9th. The interview will be with adult school personnel and current student leaders in Portable 2. Candidates will receive more information if they make it to this stage.

The scores from step 3 will be calculated, and the four highest ranked students from each grade will be selected for PTSA.

Good Luck, and thank you for participating in the OHMS PTSA selection process!

OHMS PTSA Representatives, and
Amanda R. Von Der Lohe, PTSA Advisor
(801) 412-2350 ext. 2084


Download this form:

OHMS PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)

I would like to apply for the position of Oquirrh Hills Middle School PTSA Representative. My parents and I have read and understood all of the requirements for the selection process. If accepted, my parents and I understand it is my responsibility to maintain a 3.0 GPA, have good citizenship in school and all of my classes, make-up any assignments missed in other classes, and attend PTSA-related meetings outside of school.

Student Name (Please print legibly.)


Student’s Current Grade Level (circle one) 7th 8th

Student Signature

Parent/Guardian Signature _

Phone number_

Email address

_Parents, if your student is selected, we are requesting your permission to include your student’s picture on the OHMS website during the 2013-14 school year.
Please initial on the line provided if you will give permission.

This form must be returned to Ms. Von Der Lohe
in person on or before
Thursday, May 2.

It will be accepted at any time during the day or after school until 3:20pm.
For those of you who might have extenuating circumstances, this form may be turned in Friday morning, May 3 BEFORE SCHOOL. (Before 9:50 a.m.)*
*I must be made aware of any extenuating circumstance by phone, email, or in person on or before the Thursday deadline, or your application will not be accepted.

If the application is not turned in on time, you will not be considered for the PTSA.
You will sign up for an interview date and time when your application is turned in.

Thank you for your interest in PTSA!

Teacher Recommendation for PTSA

Dear Applicant—

This year, PTSA Teacher Recommendations will be submitted electronically. Use your Jordan District email account to contact each of your teachers individually and politely ask them to fill out the form for you. It is highly recommended that you both speak directly with your teacher and send him/her an email.

Remember to include the following information (see the sample below):

ü SUBJECT: PTSA Teacher Recommendation Request
ü Dear Mr./Ms. _
ü Please fill out online form for me
ü Provide the link to the form (
ü Politely remind them of the due date (Thursday, May 2)
ü Thank them for their help.
ü Sign with your first and last name
ü Mention which periods you have this teacher

Ask Ms. Von Der Lohe to email you a copy of the link to send to your teachers.

Good luck!
--Ms. Von Der Lohe


SUBJECT: PTSA Teacher Recommendation Request

Dear Ms. Smith,

I am applying to be a PTSA representative for the 2013-2014 school year. This year Ms. Von Der Lohe is trying a new electronic format. Here is a link to the form:

I would greatly appreciate if you could fill out the form for me by Thursday, May 2nd.

Thank you for your time.

John Adams
2nd and 5th period