Audition Tips


(for OHMS Intermediate Theatre)

* Choose something you can perform with confidence! (Don’t think so much of your present ability that you choose something too difficult for you.)
  • Choose a monologue with a strong character you understand, enjoy and can be enthusiastic about.
  • Be ready to perform at least 5 - 10 minutes before your actual audition. Basically, do not make the director wait for you.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.
  • BE HEARD! (Volume, project your voice across the audience)
  • BE UNDERSTOOD! (Diction, speak clearly, enunciate your words)
  • BE EXPRESSIVE! (Emotion, show contrasting emotions and tactics)
  • BE A CHARACTER and have STAGE PRESENCE! (Use effective blocking, use the stage and/or chair, use gestures)
  • BE BOLD and take risks.
  • When performing, look at the other character(s).
  • Look up from your script as often as possible.
  • The director is not part of the scene. If you stare at the director, it will only make you both feel uncomfortable.
  • During a monologue, pick a point on the wall to look at, above the director, and to the side.
  • When doing cold readings, trust your instincts and work together with other actors. Acting includes teamwork.
  • Build relationships with other actors and characters.
  • If things aren’t going well DON’T STOP!! Keep going.
* Remember, the director is on your side. S/he wants you to be amazing! (Make casting easy for him/her.)

Extra Advice for “Real World” Auditions

* Avoid well-know speeches (e.g. “All the world’s a stage…” “ To be or not to be…” etc.)
*Avoid well-known and popular songs when auditioning for a musical (e.g. songs from Wicked; Seussical; Beauty & the Beast etc.)

  • If the audition requires two contrasting monologues, select monologues with different moods, e.g.:
--one dramatic, one serious
--one happy, one sad
--one scared, one joking

  • Arrive early, at least 15-20 minutes
* Look for monologues that have shape and a definite climax.

Note: The information above is based on a worksheet by Julia Rasmussen. Original source "Audition Tips" can be downloaded on the following webpage: