OHMS School Play 2010:
Knights of the Round Table
Plays About King Arthur, and his court at Camelot!

Students will develop original short plays,
retelling their favorite Round Table stories!

Auditions will be held on February 17th and 18th (Wednesday and Thursday) from 3:00-4:30 pm. Anyone may audition, regardless of theatre experience.

The cast list will be posted on Friday, February 19th. If you make the show there will be a cast meeting on Tuesday, February 22nd. Parts will be handed out and rules will be reviewed.

Performances are on April 21st and 22nd (Wednesday and Thursday). Evening performances will start at 6pm, but you must be in the auditorium by 4:30pm. On Wednesday, the cast will also have the opportunity to perform at an assembly during school for their peers. You must be able to be in every performance. You must also be present at every rehearsal, unless you are sick or encounter a crisis.

Review the rehearsal schedule. You must be able to commit to the times indicated. See Ms. Von Der Lohe for details. There will be no rehearsals during school holidays, student-led conferences, or on teacher in-service days.

What you need to prepare for try-outs:
  1. Choose a day and time to audition. A sign up sheet is available in Ms. Von Der Lohe’s classroom.
  2. Review the rules and rehearsal schedule in this packet. Read them with a parent or guardian.
  3. Fill out the attached audition form and have a parent sign this form. Bring it to your audition. If you do not have a parent signature you will not be cast in the play.
  4. Prepare a monologue. Bring your own or prepare one from this packet. It does not have to be memorized, but you should be familiar with it. I want to see and hear expression and character.
  5. Wear something comfortable to your audition, and have fun!

Rehearsal Rules:
  1. Be present at every rehearsal (unless you are ill, of course). Please call or email me as soon as possible if and let me know why you weren’t present. If you have more than two unexcused absences from a rehearsal, then your part will be given to someone else.
  2. Bring a book or homework to do when you aren’t on stage.
  3. Respect your self, your director, and your peers.
  4. Respect rehearsal space, including set, props, and costume pieces.
  5. Stay in classroom or auditorium area during rehearsal times.
*Any infraction of these rules will result in being dropped from the play.*

A Note on Costumes: The school has a limited supply of costumes, so you will most likely need to provide your own. Details on this will be determined during the rehearsal/workshop process.

Parents: If you can help with the set, publicity, posters, make-up, set painting, or any way you feel qualified, please call or email! It will be greatly appreciated!

Knights of the Round Table
Plays About King Arthur, and his court at Camelot!
So, what’s the whole play about anyways?

Dangerous quests, valiant knights, courageous damsels,
ancient dragons, mysterious wizards.

These are just a few types of stories told at the Round Table. King Arthur and his court and Camelot became legends through their tales of adventure and chivalry.

Participants in the OHMS school play will work in groups of 4-5 to read stories of the Round Table and Camelot, decide on a favorite, and develop script adaptation lasting 5-10 minutes. Students will be welcome to offer their own imaginations to the stories, as well. The more creative, the better!

The exciting aspect of this project is that it will be completely created by the participants. Aside from acting, they will also become playwrights, directors, designers, etc. We will help each other along the way offering suggestions to make the best possible show.