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Below is a list of tactics. There are many, many more tactics (literally thousands) you can choose from. But here's a short list to get you started. If you have an idea or two for tactics that aren't on this list, but you think should be, feel free to email me and let me know!

- A tactic must fit the following phrase: "to _ him/her" (meaning, your scene partner/ other character).
- A strong tactic is also a strong VERB. If you can't think of a strong verb, a strong IMAGE works too. Instead of the verb-tactic "to guilt," you might try "to pull their heart-strings"
- Tactics always work through your scene partner(s)/ the other character(s).
- Think of what reaction you want from the other character(s). Your character might feel angry, but that is not a tactic. If you want your scene partner to also feel angry, you could "taunt" them, "hurt" them, "boa constrictor" them, etc. At the same time "to cry" is not a tactic, but if you cry your tactic might be "to guilt" or "to pull-heart-strings."
- Tactics are things you do to your scene partner, but not literally. For example, you would not literally "bubble-bath" them, but you might make them feel comfortable and reassure them.

-Words in bold are IMAGERY tactics.

to Adjust
to Annihilate
to Assure
to Awaken
to Awe
to Beg
to Belittle
to Boa Constrictor
to Bombard
to Boost
to Break
to Bribe
to Bubble bath
to Buddy-buddy
to Build
to Burn
to Butterfly Kiss
to Charm
to Checkmate
to Cheer Up
to Chill
to Comfort
to Command
to Compliment
to Condescend
to Conquer
to Console
to Contain
to Control
to Convince
to Counsel
to Cradle
to Critique
to Crush
to Curse
to Dazzle
to Death Star
to Degrade
to Deify
to Demand
to Destroy
to Dethrone
to Devastate
to Diminish
to Direct
to Dominate
to Drain
to Educate
to Elevate
to Eliminate
to Embarrass
to Encourage
to Enforce
to Enlighten
to Ensnare
to Esteem
to Exalt
to Explain
to Explore
to Extract
to Fascinate
to Fill
to Flatter
to Fortify
to Freeze
to Frighten
to Garbage Man
to Giggle
to Glorify
to Govern
to Guilt
to Help
to Humor
to Hurt
to Ignite
to Immortalize
to Impress
to Improve
to Incite
to Inform
to Inspect
to Inspire
to Instruct
to Intimidate
to Invigorate
to Invite
to Lift
to Manipulate
to Mock
to Motivate
to Mousetrap
to Obliterate
to Open
to Overwhelm
to Paint the picture
to Persuade
to Pilot
to Pinpoint
to Plead
to Possess
to Praise
to Prepare
to Preserve
to Prioritize
to Promote
to Prove
to Provoke
to Pull heartstrings
to Puppy dog
to Put in place
to Put on a pedestal
to Rain on
to Raise
to Reason With
to Reassure
to Recruit
to Reduce
to Reinforce
to Relay
to Research
to Reshape
to Sacrifice
to Scold
to Secure
to Seduce
to Serve
to Shame
to Slander
to Spider web
to Squish (like a bug)
to Stake
to Starve
to Sting
to Strengthen
to Study
to Suppress
to Surround
to Tailgate
to Tantalize
to Target
to Taunt
to Teach
to Tease
to Tempt
to Terminate
to Test
to Throw darts
to Tighten
to Train
to Train Wreck
to Trap
to Tutor
to Twist
to Un-file
to Upgrade
to Use
to Utilize
to Validate
to Victimize
to Weigh down
to Widen
to Work
to Wring